One small step

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So, there we were, slowly gathering at London Euston for a small train adventure. A small step really. But a bigger one for AVCF moving, as we were, into our year 3 plan.

This was our first real stab at breaking away from our London Centric/South East base. I’d gone up to see Jon Harris, the Technical Head at Birmingham Museums Trust last year to moot this visit and work out the foundations.

We’d first met on one of AVCF’s behind the scenes jaunts at the HQ of White Light LTD in Wimbledon, London. We agreed that there was more scope for AVCF if we spread our word to new members from other regions. We already had some outliers, but we thought actually planning some events further afield would be a good way to go. Jon is a seasoned and accomplished player in our field and so the plan was hatched with care.

Euston Station. Our destination, Birmingham, and a visit to visit to Jon, who by the way proved to be a fine host!

As someone once said a picture is worth a thousand words (discuss) well we have more than one picture. Our member David Hutchinson, formerly head of AV for the Wellcome Trust and now a consultant and all round guru to the forum, made this great montage film. Check it out.

I will give some more detail on this trip in part two next week.

In the meantime enjoy.


PS: Here’s a link about a venue we visited earlier in the year, really interesting and fun, and their upgrade in the concert hall there, King’s Place Arts Centre, when we were hosted by member, Kristian Vass, AV Manager.