AVCF Year 3

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Hi Everyone,

As with most things that matter I’ve always taken the view that if you form things via strong personal relationships you move forward, you’re stronger.

Sometimes there are bumps along the way but you just blast through those. With help from a strong core of friends, colleagues and people who get what you’re trying to achieve. That’s AVCF

I’m heartened by the progress we have made in the past two years from our early structure when I worked in The British Museum (we’d already been going for 15 years, we met and talked and aspired to more) it was a good foundation.

That’s what I have found in the continuing journey in the building of AVCF.

People not boxes eh.

In October I made a small presentation at RIBA entitled ‘AVCF Year 3’ because it is indeed that anniversary. Our third year. And, we’re told, time doesn’t fly!

So, what is planned Chris I hear you cry (the voices, when will they stop…).

Well, IAV18 was our first attempt to raise sponsorship with the intent of putting the Forum on a robust footing as a company, (non-profit) and begin to build its resource to think bigger. That small fledgling step has proved successful.

I’d like to thank White Light for sponsoring us beyond the event itself for a whole year, and also our long time original supporter and sponsor Jacobs Massey. Both at our Platinum level.

Thanks guys.

And also, special mention to Shure UK for being gold level sponsors for iAV18. Plus everyone who threw into the day itself; Audio Technica, One Lan, Canon, Sennheiser, DigiLed, Canon, Gearbox Records and of course our great supporter AVIXA.

Well done folks!

What does the future hold then?

A minimum of 4 key events announced in advance for 2019. Something you can get in your diaries.

Plus: More pop up style/behind the scenes visits

Plus: Special talks from ViP’s (Very ‘interesting’ People)

Plus: Our very own slant on the Podcast.

Plus: Bespoke events for key sponsors around AVCF activities and events.

Plus: For members we’re even looking at the crazy world of App development (we can dream).

Well, things to do, places to be. Here’s to the future and our third year.


PS Don’t forget Our Birmingham visit on Nov 6th, this for anyone who is now free.