The community is growing


First off I’d like to congratulate member Dave Edwards, over at UAL Central St Martins campus at Granary Sq in St Pancras, for passing his CTS exam. Well done mate 🙂

While we’re on the subject of CTS exams, certificates and education standards for the AV community, you may be interested in coming along on the 18th of April to our first roundtable discussion (not counting the distant past) at 76 Portland Place. This is part of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and is situated a few buildings away from the main site. The venue is courtesy of Member Steve Barrett-White


Ben Bernard from AVIXA will be coming along to give us a rundown of things as they stand and their plans for the future. This is a theme that will run forward and foreshadow IAV 20I8. The timings are 6-8pm, with some coffee and snacks supplied. And, of course, there is a very nice pub around the corner.

Here is the link to AVIXA:

And now we take a break from your usual broadcast to bring you an interlude with member, Ewan Crallan, called…

…Monday, Monday

Monday was a great example of why being a part of the AVCF family pays dividends. 

So, Monday morning rolls in, and the ‘weekly call’ with it. Allow me to explain.

Like all Monday mornings, this conference call involves: Event managers; Logistics team; Catering; Venue managers; Video production team; and AV.

On today’s call there was an event manager who had been to an away day and witnessed first-hand lots of interesting new ways to make events more ‘interactive’. This evidenced by use of a hologram projection at the venue, this in Berlin, so that a keynote speaker was not only locally present, but could also ‘appear’ in Belfast. Miracle!

Also, with ‘some kind of headphone system’ allowing several break-out group presentations to take place in the same exhibition hall. Each group only listening to their particular presenter’…(not my words, this is the event organiser).

Everyone on the call thought it all sounded great! Happy shiny people all round.

Now, cue forward to the point at the end of the call where I am asked to provide information on these ‘miracles’ by the end of the day! 

A call to the ever-knowledgeable member, Liam Helm of The Royal Society, (guru) reminds me of the name of the Sennheiser kit we had seen in action during an AVCF day-trip to Sennheiser HQ at Marlow. A further chat focuses on who has this kit and in which venue, and how well it works. Even with all the will in the world a look at some kit on a website is great but is not a substitute for talking through with someone who has used and tested the kit in earnest. I send the link to the website as part of my report, happy in the knowledge that I can phone said member of AVCF and ask for their views if i need more informataion.

Liam and I then chatted for a few more minutes about another issue I had been facing of wireless connectivity for laptops that have USB slots disabled… Again, another product is discussed and another AVCF member has something I could ask about.

It is, as you said Chris, ‘people not boxes’.

Ewan Crallan, BT

PS: Musion3D are the hologram team who can bring external presenters to life (and also made Biggie and 2Pac come back from the dead at Coachella a few years ago).

And, MobileConnect is from Sennheiser.

The community is indeed growing

There seems to be a bit of momentum going as we slowly expand, so I’d like to welcome onboard two new members: Alfredo Radetich of The Royal Geographical Society in South Kensington and Krisztian Vass of Kings Place in St Pancras, both in line for up and coming visits by AVCF. Welcome chaps.

Alfredo’s main theatre at RGS

Krisztian’s foyer space leading to Concert Hall and event’s space.

Exciting things bubbling.

You may well notice, but I’m telling ya anyway, that Gabriel Thorp of RIBA has been constructing a new tab on the site entitled; IAV 2018 to be updated when new info comes in, but consider it the first marker about our big day on July 27th this year. More info soon there and further news from me on the blog.

Next time. Bloomberg.

Did I tell you the some Forum members went to visit?

Probably, (we’ll have another date available soon).

Keep the emails flowing and spread the word.