Just two weeks to go.. Intelligent AV Day, 28th July


Well things have certainly grown since I first took up my role here at AVCF last Sept.

Membership is growing, responses have been positive and our events and visits have been equally well received. All systems go!

As most of you know, via my emails reaching out to you guys. Our Intelligent AV Day is taking place on the 28th of July. Most of you have been sent the invite already. The agenda is now on this site. The is the day we are putting on is in partnership with RIBA and their excellent AV team, Steve Barrett White (who seems to know everyone in the AV world!) and Gabriel Thorpe. It’s the biggest venture we’ve taken on, very exciting.

The thrust of the day is to introduce you to handpicked people involved in various areas of interest to us all. They will be experts in their respective fields and the day is about disseminating information (and inspiration) to attendees. They will be with us all day so people can chat, go to breakout sessions, and basically steer towards their own particular aims and interests. Whether it’s to explore an area you only know a little about, and want to know more, or delve into the high end detail as an expert yourself. I think you’ll see from the agenda we have some very interesting subjects to cover. Just look at our agenda below!


9am Coffee/Registration
9.30am Introduction – AVCF and RIBA AV
10am White Light – Event planning, installation and operation
10.30am Panasonic – Future of projection
11am Allen and Heath – Live event sound operation
11.30am Artnovion – Room acoustics
12 noon Apart – Line signal
12.30pm Breakouts Council Chamber – Push talk mics demo
Nash rooms 1-5 – Artnovion – Magnetic acoustic demo
Lasdun/Unwin – Allen & Heath demo
1pm Lunch
2pm Sontronics – Microphones and design
2.30pm Shure – wireless workbench/ new Axient digital.
3pm OneLan – Digital signage
3.30pm Microsoft – new technologies
4pm 360 VR photography – 3D Modelling Spaces
4:30pm Panel – Q&A
5pm Drinks reception in Florence Hall
Exhibits in the Jarvis Foyer and Florence Hall include:
Apart  • Artnovion  • Jacobs Massey • Black Magic design • Quadra • SY  • Wise
Shure • Microsoft  • 360 VR  • Allen & Heath • Panasonic


We’re really looking forward to seeing you on the day. You won’t be surprised that we’re adopting an informal approach so don’t feel you’re obliged to stick to the main theatre. There will be plenty of networking opportunities and breakout spaces to go to depending on your interests. And you will be in, what to my mind, is an art deco masterpiece! That little picture at the top is a view from the bottom of the main stairs leading to the Florence Hall where we’ll have lunch and see some cool displays. Drinks are provided, courtesy of Graeme Massey at Jacobs Massey, at the end of the day, and in true AVCF fashion there is rumour of a local hostelry where we can sample a beer or two after that.

What’s not to like.