And, the winner is..


Well, the Oscars are about to happen (no predictions, as this blog post is in the pipe on Sunday evening) and as a bit of a film buff I’ll be following a strong year of contenders and it will also be interesting on political fronts. Speaking of award ceremonies and strong contenders I’m sure some of you will have attended either the InAVate or AVTech Europe versions of the above at ISE. Our members were well represented.

Of course the big dog in the game, which celebrates it’s 20th anniversary by the way, is the AV Magazine Awards in September at the Grosvenor House. Good luck to all of you who are throwing their hats in the ring. Will hope to see some of you in September.

My congratulations to the shortlisted entries and winners at the two ISE events. This year I went to the inaugural AVTechnology Europe event and was pleased to see our members giving a good account of themselves. It was a very strong list of entries and I have to say it was not an easy gig to be a judge on. Yes, I was one of those judges. Believe me, when organisers at these bashes say.. ‘it was not an easy task etc etc..’ That is so true.

However, a big shout out for our members at Bloomberg HQ Darren Waszinski and team came away with a lion’s share, The University of Hertfordshire with Adam Harvey bringing in gold, and of course… ‘The Man on Fire’, Kevin Mcloughlin.

Is there anything he and his team at Wimpole St haven’t won! Well done Kevin. And to our members who were shortlisted. Jon Sheldon and his team at The National Gallery and Jon Harris at Birmingham Museums Trust.

We only made ISE for the Wednesday but we had a great time attending some meetings with fellow colleagues and, as always, a big thank you to the Forum’s Platinum Sponsor Jacobs Massey for making this ISE trip come together. Cultural Forum posse below 🙂

(From L to R) Niall Cunningham and Graeme Massey (from JM), Ewan Crallan (British Telecom), Liam Helm (Royal Society), Karen Worden (RAF Museum) Alex Sorenti (National Gallery) Dan Crompton (Tate) Jon Sheldon (National Gallery) and some suspicious looking character at the end.

Bloomberg Visit, names needed

I’m having an exploratory visit in March to Bloomberg’s HQ in the city, courtesy of member Abdul Rafique and team. This with a view to arranging some visits for Forum members in April/May. The visits have a limit on group numbers to view the AV AV in it’s best light. So, it would be great if you could email me with your interest so I can see demand on who’s interested.

As we’re aiming for April/May drop me a line and watch this space.

Friday Nights

Coming hard on the heels of this post is something that touches on our plans to move forward as I outlined in my January 16th post.

We’ll be looking at Tate’s Late Event with input from member’s Josa Taylor and Dan Crompton. Dan, as some of you know is heavily involved in co-ordinating AV at Tate and Josa is working with Dan and us in her capacity as a Graphic Communication specialist.

Also helping me as we move forward to IAV day on July 27th (more on that soon), Gabriel Thorp from RIBA AV, will be helping me and the Forum to expand our world with this web presence. He’s a bit of a whiz on this side of things.

Watch this space