Episode 1 – A New Hope

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AV Pod Forum
Episode 1 - A New Hope

Well, here it is our first legit episode of The Array. Episode 1.

Many thanks to Karen again for steering things in the right direction, and making her debut in this episode!

Thanks also go out to our special guest who will remain anonymous until you listen to ‘Thrown to the Hounds’ (great idea Karen)

What else is there? Well, I Whitter on a bit, Gabe is there as well and AV Manager Jon Sheldon from the National Gallery gives us a ‘Life in the Day’ and we explore in more depth our AVCF Symposia at the Royal Geographical Society sponsored by our good friends, Whitwam Group.

Oh, and a very last minute prompt from us to you dear listener about our iAV big bash on Friday 19th July at the Royal Institute of British Architects. Still spaces available for people via Eventbrite link on this very site!


Karen Worden, RAF Museum: Digital Production

Liam Helm, Royal Society: Music/sound

Gabriel Thorp RIBA: Recording/contributor

Jon Sheldon, National Gallery: Contributor

Chris Power, AVCF Chairman: Contributor