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Hi Everyone,

Hi Everyone,

There’s an expression that is often used in sport, management and many human interactions. There is no ‘i’ in ‘team’.

This ran through my mind frequently when people gathered last Thursday on the 28th of July for iAV22.

It is easier to make things look easy when you have so much support and boy did I get support for this.

From John Ellis at Shure UK for spearheading our continuing use of the Rose Experience Centre and especially on this occasion – introducing me and others to Christine SchyvinckCEO of Shure and Althea Ricketts, the multi talented, Vice President at Shure. To Gabriel Thorp and the whole production team at JacobsMassey, to say nothing of the excellent spot delivered by Graeme Massey himself as one of the presenters joining me on the sofa.

It was all achieved by teamwork.

You’ll see pictures sprinkled through this week’s scribble which I hope give a flavour of the day and its aim to be an ‘in person’ gathering, I felt that this was a much needed approach. Especially as we emerge blinking in to the light.

At its height we had over 50 people thorough the door.

This is not to be a blow by blow run through of all that went on (goodness knows I’ve been banging on about the content for a while… Oh, you noticed eh) but this is just a flavour.

Everything on the day was recorded and will eventually be available on the AVCF Youtube channel.

I think the mix of compelling speakers (so much to dig into there) but just to give you an idea here are just a few things touched on the during the day: Sustainability, apprenticeships, engineering pro audio, meta’s impact on AV, diversity and mental health being a few.

I’m still taking it all in myself.

I’ll leave our timetable for the day after these pics, so you can see the order.

Reminder of the running order at iAV22
Introduction to the day by Chairman of AVCF Chris Power.
Jason Larcombe from White Light: introduced developments from WL in the use of technology, focusing on the Illuminate space at the Science Museum with Ryan Metcalfe talking about his company Preevue and their handing of virtual views in theatres and spaces then putting this in the hands of users. A real eye opener!

John Ellis: Gave us a demonstration the latest innovations on the Shure award winning MXA ceiling microphone system.
There was some magic going on I’m convinced.

I had a good chat with JP Cavaco about sending microphones to Mars and the engineering needed for for their customers.
It turned out these were one and the same!

Jason from White Light spoke to Wayne Powell from
d&baudiotechnik about the approach of using soundscape for manipulating virtual sound in a given space, large or small.

Graeme Massey from JacobsMassey gave us a presentation on
AV recruitment, strategies for employers & next generation engagement and much more.

Buffet and town hall discussion and a new ‘social’ award given to Steve Barrett-White form the Musical Museum.

The Harrison Award from AVCF and the Royal Society which this year was awarded to Jon Sheldon at the National Gallery.

It really is people not boxes!

I will be taking advantage of this holiday period, August/September to take some time off. But there is no doubt I will post intermittently when something interesting crosses these shores.

As I mentioned I have a lot to think on here based on the success of the event. I will officially be back on the manor on Wednesday 28th of September.

Meanwhile back at the movies* 

Alphaville (1965)
Director: Jean Luc-Godard


Any questions, comments and contributions are welcome.

Chris Power, Chair AVCF