IAV 2018

intelligent AV 2018

July 27th

Welcome to the world of iAV (intelligent Audio Visual) an expression that speaks to one of our central tenets at AV Cultural Forum (AVCF) ‘people not boxes’. Because without the right people in place and new people learning how to replace them. Well, that’s not a happy place.

iAV18 day is the Cultural Forum’s annual event where we take an inspiring, creative and holistic view of our chosen discipline. We deliver this with a mixture of industry experts and fellow professionals on the day to create something with a really unique atmosphere.

By attending iAV people will actually get to talk to real AV professionals from all aspects our industry and not just people selling products. You get to test kit under the guidance of actual members and technical experts and you can quiz them about how they started in the industry!

This will be our second year, in partnership with RIBA AV and RIBA Venues, to bring you an entertaining and informative day. We are already consulting with members and organisations to get a great mix of displays, talks and panel/Q&A sessions.

There will be an invite that we will be sending out soon. So, we hope to see you here. Sign up and we’ll keep you posted on all the news as we gather momentum leading up to July 27th. Here is the link to get a ticket.


Chris Power

AVCF Chairman