NEC Exhibition Stand

NEC Displays Exhibition stand

Enriching the visitor experience to keep them coming back for more

From hostels to luxury hotels; from casinos to theme parks; exhibitions to museums; all the way to sports arenas – AV technology has become indispensable across all aspects of this diverse industry sector. In today’s digital world, it is increasingly challenging to keep the audience stimulated and to hold their attention requiring more sophisticated techniques to maintain interest. Digital surfaces and interactive screens deliver a variety of data and information, with exciting possibilities to motivate and inspire your audience. Of course reliability is vital to ensure smooth operation and to provide the kind of experience which will keep your visitors coming back for more, again and again.

NEC Display Solutions

With an industry leading reputation for quality and reliability, nurtured over 125 years of performance, no other vendor today can offer such a comprehensive and solution oriented portfolio. The only manufacturer of digital visual equipment able to supply all the major display technologies including LCD (Large Format Displays, Interactive Touch, Video Wall and Desktop Displays), dvLED and Projection; NEC is uniquely positioned to provide technology-agnostic consultancy recommending the perfect-fit solution to every application requirement.

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