About Us

Welcome to the AVCF

The AV Cultural Forum is a growing community of AV Managers, Senior Technicians, Technicians and key players in our world. All of them seeking to discuss their experiences and to exchange ideas, information and knowledge. Helping us all deliver AV in its many forms.

We arrange bespoke events which act as a platform for our members to see emerging trends and get together socially. The highlight of our year is the IAV (Intelligent Audio Visual) showcase and networking event where we invite handpicked organisations to display and talk to fellow members, engage in our panel sessions and create a more relaxed environment not afforded at big ‘sales expos’.

Come join the adventure.


If you are interested in taking part in the Forum and would like to become a member, please send an email to membership@avcf.co.uk

Chris Power – Biography

After only two years Chris has taken an informal group of influential AV talents, his tenet for AV users, ‘people not boxes’ and bought them together to form a diverse membership group. He started with end users in the cultural and heritage sector and has now begun to encompass, event specialists, designers and major manufacturers.

He has spoken on panels, round tables and, this year he is a judge for the 20th anniversary AV Awards hosted by  AV Magazine in September.

Chris is the former Head of Audio Visual at The British Museum with over twenty years of experience.